Network Error Message 1001


This relates to a network issue contacting eBackpack.  The network issue may be due to a congested network, wireless network, or other networking problem between your iOS device and the internet.  The most common causes of this are congested networks, poor wireless coverage, wireless dropped packets, or issues with proxies or filtering products blocking or slowing your access to the internet.


The message you are getting is because the information is having a period of 15 seconds when no data is sent or received between the device and our systems.  This could be an indication of a slow network or trouble with your internet access.  We are currently increasing our time out period so that this message is only received after 60 seconds of no data transferring. This became available starting in the eBackpack iOS app version 2.0.3. This update allowed for more consistent usage on slower or problematic networks.  

The most common time for this message in a school is during peak periods of internet usage (first few moments of class or last few moments of a class).  This message is not due to any issues or problems with eBackpack as we have plenty of capacity for your requests.