Importing grades into Jupiter Grades

eBackpack offers a Jupiter Grades grade export format that imports easily into the gradebook.  The following method was tested with Jupiter Grades as of the date of release.

Follow these steps:
  1. eBackpack
    1. Note - your class name in eBackpack must match the class name and abbreviation in Jupiter Grades.
      1. To "over ride" your current class names to match Jupiter Grades, use the eBackpack Display Name functionality.
      2. Click on your class and choose class settings.  Change the "Display Name" to be Class Name (Abbreviation)
      3. For example, if you have set-up the class in Jupiter Grades as Math with abbreviation P3, then the display name should be Math (P3)
    2. Export grades from eBackpack
      1. Choose an assignment folder in one of your classes.
      2. Click the Assignment Submissions Tab
      3. Click Export Grades button
        1. The eBackpack export will contain the "last" graded item for each student.
  2. Jupiter Grades Gradebook
    1. Click Setup, Import/Export
      1. If you do not see this option, please contact your gradebook administrator to enable import functionality.
    2. Select "Import Assignment from Spreadsheet"
    3. Click "Choose File" and select the export file created from eBackpack.  Click "OK"
    4. Jupiter Grades will review what it is going to do (new assignment, update assignment, etc).  Click "Finish"
      1. If you receive any error here, please be sure the class name/abbreviation is set properly as the display name in eBackpack (see step 1.1)
    5. You now have an option to make adjustments, set the worth and out of points, apply a curve, etc.  Click "Done" when complete.
    6. All done!  The scores are saved into the assignment and the information will show on the main gradebook view.
To get started....
  1. An account super user will need to switch to the Jupiter Grades export format.  Super Users  can go to Settings & Reports, Account Management, Feature Settings, and switch the grade export to reference Jupiter Grades.
  2. SIS automation customers may contact eBackpack to set-up the Jupiter Grades ID field during import on user records.  Otherwise, eBackpack will export the student's SIS id.
eBackpack is not affiliated with Jupiter Grades and this functionality is provided as-is.  The method shown works as of the incorporation of the functionality into eBackpack.