got 422 error message

If you receive the message "Expected status code in (200-299) got 422" there are a few possible causes for this message:
  1. (app version <1.7.0) You are trying to turn something into a class that accepts turn in, but does not accept late turn in.  Please verify that late turn in is allowed for the class you are trying to turn-in to.
  2. The file name you are sending is invalid.  For example, if your file name includes two periods in a row before the extension (in Pages for example, be sure the document name does not end in a period as this will try to send two periods in the file name).
  3. (app version <1.7.0) Your document is larger than your account supported file size.  Generally this will send back a message alerting you to file size, but in some cases you may get this message.
Resolution - Please upgrade to the latest eBackpack app.  If that does not fix your issue, aside from trying the fixes mentioned above, you can click ok on the message  and then try again.  If the issue continues, please provide eBackpack support with further detail (class, assignment, file you are opening in from, file / document name in that program, and the exact things you click in eBackpack after Opening In to our app.)