0 Byte or Zero Byte files are in my account

When using the WebDAV connection point or the eBackpack iPad app to upload files, you may end up with zero (0) byte files if the program you are using does not properly process the error message from eBackpack.  Some programs do not pass back a message when eBackpack did not accept your file-resulting in this situation.  Many programs start by creating a 0 byte file and then sending the information related to that file.  When eBackpack tells them the file size is over the allowed limit, you end up with the 0 byte file being left behind.  If you have questions or issues, please contact the vendor of the program that is performing the save and let them know about the issue related to their save not handling the response correctly for a WebDAV server.

0 Byte files can be created when you use 3rd party applications that do not properly notify you when eBackpack does not accept a file based on its file size.  This relates to the 3rd party application and how it creates/saves information to a WebDAV server.
** WebDAV is an optional feature that may be added to accounts as a component of our pc/mac integration option.