Mac Login Script Automation and Login Hooks

Mac article with manual and finder script (modification required) methods:
Sample Applescript (Contact eBackpack for copy of script)
eBackpack offers the ability to mount the drive with a pre-shared key called an authentication token as an alternative to using the end-user password.  You can download a list of users and their tokens in your eBackpack account under Settings & Reports, Account Management, PC/Mac Integration page.  The file is available as a csv download and includes the username and their unique key.  This key can then be added to the user in OpenDirectory (eBackpack does not provide support for this OpenDirectory management activity) and used as part of the sign-on process to mount the drive.   
If you are looking to automate this process into your sign-on process, it can be done however it is outside of the eBackpack set-up.  We suggest you work with your network manager to complete these activities.  There are some good articles related to sign-on scripting at: