eBackpack Connect - speeding up the Mac Connection

There is currently a known issue by Apple related to WebDAV powered network drives and Finder.  Mac OS X attempts to download all files in your eBackpack account every time that you connect so that Finder can create its thumbnails.  This slows down the network drive.  We suggest you open a support request with Apple to let them know you would like this issue resolved.

You can help limit this behavior and improve performance with the following change.  While this change does not completely resolve this issue, it does help speed up the connection.

1) On your Mac, open a terminal window
2) type (all on one line):   
defaults write com.apple.desktopservices DSDontWriteNetworkStores true
3) Log out and then back in to your Mac

This should help improve the performance.  We also suggest that you contact Apple and request that they resolve this issue with network drives and Finder.

  • For any network connected drive, in Finder: uncheck "Show icon preview" option for Column view and disable "Show item info" in icon view.
  • Do not navigate into directories with many files.  This is because Finder may attempt to download all files in a folder to generate its previews and perform other caching operations.
Non English Characters are not Working....
Finder seems to have a problem with UTF-8 encoded characters mixed with spaces. You should avoid using non English characters in folder names and file names together with space characters. Alternatively, use the free Cyberduck Mac WebDAV client which does not have any problems with UTF-8 encoding. Please note that Cyberduck does not integrate with the file system; thus you will not be able to work with files directly on the server. You must first copy the files to your local file system before you can work on the files.

Versions less susceptible
Mac OS X 10.7.4 introduced speed improvements to the WebDAV capabilities compared to the 10.6.x branch but the Finder implementation is still much slower than 3rd party clients.  We recommend using Cyberduck on a Mac for faster and more reliable access to your work.