Pages Error - Cannot copy .... This may be a read-only location.

If you get "Cannot copy to "LOCATION".  This may be a read-only location." inside of Pages, Numbers, or Keynote,

This issue is due to a few possible reasons:

a)  If you try to copy a file to eBackpack inside of Pages, Numbers, or Keynote through WebDAV that ends in a period - you  may get a "Cannot Copy "FILENAME" - This may be a read-only location error.

b) You are trying to save to a location that you do not have write access.

c) The file you are trying to save is over the allowed file size limit.

To resolve this issue:
a)  Please be sure that the file they are trying to save does not end in a period.  The extra period causes Pages to fail in the manner you are seeing when trying to send the file.

As a fix, you can rename the file to not have a period at the end inside of Pages and then transmit it -- go to the "Documents" screen and press and hold on the name underneith the document.   Make sure that name does not end in a period.  You can then transfer the document again.

b) Please be sure that you are saving to a location that you are allowed to post files.  This includes your My Files, Assignmnet Turn-In folders for specific class assignment, your ePortfolio (students must be in the appropriate grade), and Shared Class or Groups that you are either the administrator or have member file sharing capability in.
** WebDAV is an optional feature that may be added to accounts as a component of our pc/mac integration option.