Does eBackpack offer a desktop integration or PC/Mac Integration Module?

Yes!  Navigate your files and save directly to eBackpack without ever opening a web browser.

eBackpack can easily be mounted as a "drive" on both PCs and Macs.  You can now easily copy/paste and drag/drop your files to eBackpack, share them with classes, and even turn in work.  

Additional detail and a video are at

Connecting from Mac OS X:

Here is an idea of how it looks when connected to eBackpack.
eBackpack Desktop Integration

To learn more or for the instructions/documentation, please contact eBackpack.  
Administrators may access more information about this component inside their eBackpack site under Account Settings, Account Management, PC/Mac Integration.

eBackpack strongly encourages you test our PC/Mac integration with your computers and configurations to ensure proper functionality.

eBackpack Connect works on Windows Vista and Windows 7 computers as well as Mac OS X machines.  Windows XP is supported with the execution of an additional waiver as are certain older versions of Microsoft Office.  Please contact eBackpack for additional details.  Mac OS X has some current issues with its WebDAV network drive component.  

We strongly advise all customers fully test the eBackpack network drive capability to ensure it will meet your needs with your environment and programs. 

Windows 7 Starter Edition is not able to use eBackpack Connect due to the limitations of Starter Edition, however you can use a manual Map Network Drive method.  Please contact eBackpack for additional details.