Can I use eBackpack on an iPad?

Yes, eBackpack works great on an iPad.  


Get the eBackpack iPad app!  


Create assignments/assessments, turn in work, annotate, and more -- all in eBackpack!  Various functions can also be used in our web interface and additional functionality is available directly within some applications and through the eBackpack iPad App!.


eBackpack offers full functionality through the eBackpack iPad App.

  • Virtually unlimited file storage in the eBackpack cloud
  • Add Folders and Files
  • Access your other External Services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and Box
  • In-App Calendar for assignment tracking
  • Mark It feature allows annotation of most popular file types including direct support of Pages, Keynote and Numbers files
  • Students can annotate assignment files and turn in directly from iPad
  • Teachers can grade, annotate, comment and return assignment files to students
  • Share documents between apps by using a document picker and share extension.
  • Export to another app with “Open In…” (you can move things to and from eBackpack in this manner)


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Please note:

On an iPad you will be limited to some constraints that are imposed by the iOS operating system to our web interface.  This means you will not be able to upload a file through Safari on the iPad but you are able to save and download files within various applications that support WebDAV or download the file.  The download option will either open the file directly, prompt you to move it into a supported App, or let you know if there is no App to handle that file type.  The eBackpack viewer will still allow you to view most common file types.  Additionally, any files that you currently have uploaded to your account can be acted on inside of eBackpack (move, copy, submit, delete, rename, etc).  You can also do all of the administrative functions as well (add users, schools, classes) but you will not be able to use the import as that requires access to upload a file.  

Students can still submit files to teachers and teachers can also return files to students. 


** WebDAV is an optional feature that may be added to accounts as a component of our pc/mac integration option.