What is an eBox?

An eBox is like an email inbox and outbox combined into one. You will see all interactions between people that you have submitted files to and from.   Whether you have sent files to others or have received files from others, your eBox helps keep this communication organized. 

Files can be in two locations in your eBox:
1.   Received - Files that you RECEIVED from another user. These files can be commented on and returned to the original user.
2.   Submitted - Files that you SENT to another user. These files show any messages that you might get back from the other user.

As a staff user, you will notice that any file in your Received section will have a status of “Awaiting Review.”  This indicates that the file needs to be reviewed and then returned to the user.  You can view the file and then return to the user.  You can return to the user with comments and even upload a new version of the file if you wish.
eBoxes can be cleared for staff and/or students for a "fresh start" by account superusers. To do so, access your Account Settings >> Account Management >> Feature Settings >> eBox File Visibility. From here you can set any date to hide student and/or staff eBox files. Any files submitted or received prior to that date will be hidden from the users. If you do not set a date, files will be hidden after two years.