How do I (teacher) return a file to a student?

To return a file to a student, go to the assignment where the student submitted the file and click on the word Assignment in the Assignment Submissions Panel


Locate the student's submission in the Assignment Submissions display panel and click on the Grade icon. 

This will take you to Grade & Review. Here you can review the student file and add comments via "Sticky Notes".


Once you have completed your annotations, you can Grade the assignment, add Review Comments, attach an additional file (grading Rubric, audio recording etc.) and then click Complete Review & Return.


This will return the file to the student along with the grade and any comments or attachments you included.


Click on [X] Close Grade & Review in the upper right hand corner to return to the assignment folder.


You can also grade and return a file to a student using any of the eBackpack apps (Windows 8, Android and iOS)!