How do I add a class?

Access "My Settings" by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner, then click Classes.
Next, click Add Class in the middle bar. The course code is used in case you ever want to mass import users.  If you do not provide one, we will auto-generate one.

The Display name will be the same as your Class Name unless you decide to change the way the name displays.


Select whether to allow member commenting or file sharing (these may be disallowed at the account level by your superuser).


You can add a class roster manually if you choose, or have member request to join your class using the join code.


The join code may be found in the class information after saving the class.  You can also find the join code by selecting the Class' folder and then selecting the Settings tab .


Classes in which you participate as an admin or a member will show up as green folders...