How do I add/ upload multiple students?

To upload multiple students at once, go to Account Settings by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner of your browser, then click Import Data > CSV File Import.


You will want to select the "Users" import type.  Once you select the import type, you can see the "Download User Template" link will appear to the right.  Download the template so you can insert your data.


Remove the sample data from the template and add your own (be sure to keep the column headers). Once you have all of your data on the template save the file to your computer and then click "Select a File to Upload" from the Import Data screen.  Next select "Upload Data File".  The next screen is just to make sure the columns are labeled correctly. Provided you used the template and If you only used the required fields, there should be nothing to do on this screen, click Import.


After importing, you can click on Import Status.  You can see how many records were successfully imported as well as the number that had errors.  


For school & district accounts – contact us for information on direct integration with your SIS.