How do I (teacher) share a file with students?

First you must decide if you want to submit a file to a specific user or if you want to send a file to an entire class.

Submitting a File to a Specific User

Upload the file to your eBackpack.  Find the file within your My Files and click the file name.  Now you can select the Turn In button.  Change the drop down to reflect that you want to send to a user, and start typing there name.  The list should filter the choices based on what you type.  Select the person from the list you wish to send the file to. You can then optionally add a comment and send it to that student.

Sharing a File (or Assignment) to an entire Class
From your Files screen, locate the Class Folder or assignment folder that you want to distribute a file to.   Now you can click the Add File button .  Add a comment if you wish (all members will see the comment) and click Add File.  Now all users will see the file in their Class/Assignment folder as well.  

Alternatively, you can create new folders to pass out materials.  The first level folders (directly under the main Class Folder) will also have the added capability of notifying students that materials have been distributed and have a homework drop box to collect returned materials.  These folders can also be easily drag/dropped from your My Files to keep the shell of the assignment (without turned in student work) for future years or you can drag/drop to another class to share with that class (eBackpack will automatically create a homework drop box for the new class).