How does a student submit a file?

Students can submit a file to any staff user.  They will need to upload the file to their eBackpack.  Next they can find the file that needs to be submitted, and click on the filename.  Next, click the Submit To button .  The student will be able to turn the file into a class (Class Administrators of one of their class folders) or can use User to see alist of all staff users whose classes they are a part of.  If they need to submit to a different staff member, they can type their name and then select.    Staff members are able to send files to other staff members or students with the Submit To functionality.

After picking a class, then you will be able to pick an assignment.  A student can choose "none" or any of the assignment names.  The assignment names are created by the first level folder names for a particular class or group.  

A submission comment can be added to provide commentary on any file submission event.

All files submitted to a class will show in the Received eBox for all the administrators of the class.

They will see confirmation of any submitted files in their eBox .
Students can also turn in file submission to any assignment folder by opening the assignment > click drop files or select to submit > select the file you want to turn in > Turn in file. Students can also leave a private comment to send back to the teacher through the submission.