What can I add to eBackpack?

What can a student add to eBackpack?
By clicking the Add button in the upper right you will see you have many options - let's go over those!
1. Add File
  • This will allow you to add a file from an outside source such as a connected external service account (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc), Your device, or your own eBackpack account (My Files)
  • When adding a file, you will need to save the file to your My Files or E-Portfolio section of eBackpack. This will save a copy inside eBackpack for you to Turn in to your assignment. Do this by clicking the "Select Location" button.
  • When you are ready to turn in your file > navigate to the assignment folder and click the "Turn in" button. Then you can select the source (google drive, dropbox, my eBackpack > my files), select the file and turn in directly to the assignment folder!
2. Add a Microsoft Office file
  • You do not need a Microsoft account to use this feature.
  • Add a Word Doc, Excel Spreadsheet, or PowerPoint Presentation by selecting the appropriate source from the Add menu.
  • Microsoft online will be launched where you will need to give it a name, select the location in eBackpack you want to save to and then you can create your document. As you are working on your document it will be saved in eBackpack. You can also turn in directly from the online feature.
3. Add Blank PDF
  • By adding a blank PDF this will launch a blank document in MarkIt
  • First step is to select the destination - My Files
  • Then you will name your file
  • And once pressing "create" you will have your blank document ready with access to the MarkIt tools!
4. Add Module
  • You can add a module (folder) to your account in your My Files and E-Portfolio to help organize your documents. A great practice is to add a module for each class/subject that you have to your My Files.
5. Add Reminder
  • Students can add reminders to their calendars to use eBackpack as a student planner.
  • Reminders will never show up as late and you are the only user that will have access to your own reminders.
  • When you are ready to delete a reminder > navigate to your menu > tasks > activities and select Delete from the more actions options
6. Add Capture (Photo or Video - audio coming soon on iOS)
  • This option will let you capture a media file such as a photo from your device camera or a video from your device camera
  • The audio feature is not compatible on iOS at this time.
  • When using this feature you will need to save the capture to your My Files - this will store the item in eBackpack for later use - such as turning in to an assignment (which you can do from your assignment page > turn in button!).