How to Create a Parent Account

Parent Account Set Up:

Parent accounts are available to be created automatically through an SIS Automation (if we have access to your parent data (first name, last name and email address). Optionally, teachers have the ability to download PDF files of the Parent Codes that are needed to set up a parent account. These codes can be passed out to the parents as needed - that is all the school will need to provide!


There can be as many parent accounts created as needed for a student. Additionally, the parent will only need one parent account if they have multiple children using eBackpack. They will just need the unique parent code to add additional children to their account.

  1. Access Parent codes on the Class Roster page as seen below

  2. Click the Parent Codes button

  3. Open the downloaded PDF and cut the strips of paper to distribute to the correct student/parent.



Once a parent has their code they can access the parent portal at


They will initially need to create a new parent account using the provided parent code. Once their account is created they will sign in with the email address and password they provide at or on the eBackpack for Parents app.