How to Use the Organize Page to Organize My Classes

Use eBackpack's Organize page to easily and quickly organize your My Files and class/group folders! Utilize drag and drop for quick copy/move/delete actions!
Find the organize page in the top menu > Workspace:
You will have a few different options on the Organize page:
  1. Drag and drop between folders/modules to move (if in the same top level folder) or copy (if going from one top level folder to another)
    • Dragging from My Files to a class (Or class to class) will create a copy
    • Dragging from one module in a class to another module in the same class will move the item
  2. Expand your tree to view all items nested in the top level folder/module
  3. Drag any item to the trash icon to delete the item
  4. Turn Dual View off and on as needed
    • Dual View gives you double view of your tree to let you drag from one section of your tree to the other
    • Both sides scroll separately
Examples of #2 and #3 are shown below: