How do I Create Class and Personal Reminders?

eBackpack is helping keep teachers and students organized by giving them the ability to add reminders to their eBackpack calendars! Teachers can add both personal and class reminders and students can add personal reminders to their account.
When adding a reminder you will have the option to select the location, give the reminder a name, set the date (which will be the date that it is placed on your calendar), leave information or additional details in the description area, add materials and manage visibility.
Class reminders will appear on the calendar as a class icon with a calendar overlay: 
Personal reminders will appear on the calendar as a user icon with a calendar overlay: 
You can edit any reminder by accessing the reminder details page as seen below:
To delete a reminder you will need to access the reminder from the activities list and click the more action icon on the far right as seen below:
Here is the link to our video tutorial to see Reminders in action: