How to Copy Repository Content

Teachers have the ability to copy from repository folders or any class folder that they have been an administrator of - this comes in handy from year to year when a teacher will need to copy an assignment that is located in a deleted class!
Repository folders may be set up by an account Superuser. Administrators of the repository folder will have the ability to create and add items to the folder to be shared with all staff in the account. Everyone will have the ability to copy materials and items from any of their prior or existing classes to their current classes by using this feature.
To copy repository content click the add button in the upper right and choose "Add Repository Content".
On the next screen you will be able to filter to a specific class by typing in the Name field, filter by subject (if subjects have been set up by your account Superuser), filter by grade (also if these have been set up), and choose to include deleted classes in the list.
After selecting a class you will have the ability to check the boxes next to any content you want to add to one of your existing classes. You will only be able to select top level modules, assignments, quizzes, etc. All content within the top level folder will be copied to the selected locations.
Once you have selected the content, click next and you will be able to check the box to any classes that you currently have access to. This will then copy the item(s) to the class(es) you have selected.
Clicking "Next" will copy the items to the appropriate classes and close the pop up window.