Parent Calendar

The parent portal calendar now looks and works the same as the student and teacher calendar with a Monday thru Friday view that is scroll-able to view items from previous or future weeks. With a quick glance parents can see any past or upcoming homework assignments. Items on the calendar such as class and personal reminders, assignments, quizzes, and discussions are click-able and navigate directly to that item's detail page.



Past Due items and items that were completed after the due date will show a red vertical indicator to the left of the class icon. Items that are due today or the following day will show a yellow indicator and items that are due after 24 hours will have a green indicator. Items that have a grey indicator do not accepts turn ins or have been marked as complete by the student.


All items will have a class icon, that is set by the teacher, and will be in the color that is set by the student. Reminders will have a calendar overlay on the class icon if it was created by the teacher and will have the calendar overlay over a person icon if it was created by the student. This is a great way to see which personal reminders your child has put on their own calendar. Parents will also be able to see quickly if an assignment/quiz allows turn ins – items that do not allow turn in will have the “no” icon overlay (circle with diagonal slash).