How to Create & Grade Discussions

Creating and grading a discussion is just as simple as creating and grading an assignment in eBackpack!
First you will need to create a gradable discussion by clicking the  button in the upper right and choose . Set your discussion details just like you would an assignment by providing a name, due date, any applicable instructions and materials. Once saved, students will be able to participate in the discussion section of the folder by leaving comments. All comments can be managed by the administrator of the class.
To grade your students' comments click the  button on the right side of the discussion details screen (as seen above) and select a student to review from the submission pop up window. On the grade and review page (as seen below) you will see the student's name that you are currently viewing in red - all other students will show as grey. You will have the option to filter to show only comments made by a specific student if needed. The student's comments you are grading will have a green  badge or a red badge. To switch to a different student in the list click the down caret next to the student's name in the review panel. When you have given a grade and optional review comment click  to navigate to another ungraded comment. When you are ready to leave grade and review click the "X" in the upper right corner.