Similarity & Plagiarism Detection

eBackpack's Built-In Similarity & Plagiarism Detection

Fully Integrated into eBackpack - scan submissions automatically against the internet of resources!  Detect similarity, see the sources, and more!  eBackpack's similarity detection even scans our text annotations!   

eBackpack Similarity Pictures





eBackpack has integrated with a partner to provide an incredible similarity detection experience that scans all doc, docx, pdf, txt, html, and various other file types against the internet to find similarity and report the findings to you in an easy to understand format.  In addition to detecting similarity, the feature even works with properly cited sources using MLA, APA, Turabian, Chicago and Harvard styles.  

We are very excited to offer this frequently requested tool in a form that is fully integrated with other powerful eBackpack capabilities -- at an incredibly affordable price that is often 75% less than comparable services!  This feature is so well integrated that it even scans text annotations!

The report is easy to view and download!

Teachers can have a few options in their assignment settings to manage when or if they want the students to have access to the report, and if they want to just use web scanning or web & student to student scanning!
Watch our video tutorial to see it in action here!