How to turn in files from other apps

eBackpack iOS app
We will used the app Pages as an example in this article.
There are two options to easily turn in files from the Pages app into your eBackpack assignments! 
Save to eBackpack (Turn in files from eBackpack without ever leaving Pages!):
When viewing a file in Pages that you want to turn in or save to eBackpack, tap the more actions icon in the upper right and select "Send a Copy"
Next you will select the file format that you want to export from Pages. Remember, eBackpack will accept any file type and files that are not view-able in eBackpack can be exported to other apps if needed
You will now be able to select the option to "Save to eBackpack" - this will open an eBackpack window inside of Pages.
From the eBackpack pop-up window you will have the option to select a destination in eBackpack. This could be your My Files, E-Portfolio or an assignment from your Current Assignments list
To Turn in a file to an assignment folder - select Current Assignments, choose the appropriate assignment from the "Not Completed", "Completed" or "Archived" list and select "Turn In to Assignment"
Enter a private comment to send directly to your teacher, mark the assignment as complete to cross it off of your to-do list and select "Turn In"
Your Pages file is now turned into your eBackpack assignment!
Import with eBackpack (Pages app navigating you back to eBackpack):
Instead of choosing the option to "Save to eBackpack" you can choose to "Import with eBackpack". This option will close pages and navigate you directly to eBackpack's Select Destination window
Now you can upload your Pages file to eBackpack by navigating through your Current Assignments list or the purple Assignment Turn-In folders. You can easily navigate back to the Pages app by tapping on the word "Pages" in the upper left corner.