How to create a Quiz (Assessment)

Working with Quizzes

Quiz Folders


eBackpack makes it easy to create a Quiz Folder where you can create a self grading quiz and then collect the quiz attempts from your students in one easy, well organized location. You will want to create a Quiz Folder for each quiz where you are collecting electronic attempts from students.  Quiz Folders not only organize the work so you can find it easily without searching through countless files and locations but it also allows you to see the status of any class and quiz instantly (you can see which students have submitted their attempt, which have not, when they submitted, and whether you have graded and returned the work to the student, it it included essay/free response questions.)


Create a Quiz Folder

  • To create a quiz folder click the add button in the upper right and choose Add Quiz.

  • TIP: Create quizzes in My Files, you can easily update and then repurpose them next year. Use the copy folder capability after you create a quiz Folder to duplicate the quiz for other classes next year!

  • Once the quiz folder is created navigate to it’s location and click the “Create Quiz” button.

    • This will launch the quiz settings and question creator.



  • On the first screen you will be able to adjust the quiz settings such as:
    • Allowing one or multiple attempts

    • Shuffling question order

    • Locking the students in the quiz by using SEB or ASAM

    • Adjusting feedback settings




  • Next will take you to the questions section of the quiz creator where you can manually add questions or import questions:

  • Adding a question will give you the following options:
  • Once you have added all of your questions you will have the option to adjust the order, edit and delete questions. You can also add additional questions manually or by import. After making any adjustments click “Close” or the “X” in the upper right to close the quiz editor.
  • You can access the settings at any time however, you can only access the questions page until an attempt has been made.
  • When you are ready for your students to take begin the quiz make sure you toggle the Allow to be Taken  to “On” as seen here: