Sharing a Calendar on your Public Website

Superusers can easily share a google calendar by simply obtaining the embed link for the calendar you want to share and embedding it to the website's home page with two simple steps.

  1. Select a Google calendar you want to share:

    1. Click on “Share this calendar”

    2. Click on “Calendar details”

    3. Copy the link in “Embed this calendar” section

  1. Log into your account as a superuser and navigate to your Public Website settings page:

    1. Select the “Edit’ icon on the page you want to display your calendar on

    2. Click on “Insert/edit video” in the Page Content area

    3. Select the “Embed” tab

    4. Past the calendar link here and select “OK”

    5. Save!


With your public website enabled, you can now view your calendar on your login page for your account!