How to Prepare for the New School Year

When one school year is over and you are ready to prepare your eBackpack account for a new school year, there are a few things to remember:
  • Assume that all of your shared class/group folders will be deleted and replaced with new class/group folders. When your old classes are deleted all information that is stored in those folders will be removed as well. (School administrators have control over purging of class/group folders.)
    • No worries - if a class/group folder is deleted from your account you can always retrieve that class in your My Settings > Classes > Deleted > Select class > Restore
    • Superusers can also have Class Repositories set up with specific curriculum, assignments/assessments to have from year to year that is accessible to all staff. 
  • If you have archived your assignment/assessments to remove them from your class/group folder - you will always have access to them in your "Assignments" page/tile.
    • All assignments in your "Assignments" page/tile can be copied or moved to your new classes next year! Just click on the Assignments page/tile and click the "move" icon to move an assignment to a new class folder or the "copy" icon to copy the shell of the assignment to a new class folder.
    • You can use the filters to narrow down your search for a specific assignment/assessment.
    • Student submissions will stay in tact when you have archived an assignment.
  • A good practice to make sure that you do not lose any of your assignments/assessments from year to year is to copy them to your My Files section of eBackpack. Teachers My Files will stay with them always and you will then have all of your assignments/assessments prepared and ready to share with your students when needed.
    • There are a few ways to copy your materials from your class/group folders to your My Files:
      • Drag and Drop - click on the folder in your class that you would like to copy to your My Files and drag it with your mouse to the appropriate M Files folder. This will create a fresh copy of the assignment/assessment or all assignment/assessments that are nested in a sub-folder.
      • Click the folder that you would like to copy to your My Files > Actions drop down list > Copy > Select the locations you would like to copy to from the folder picker.
      • When creating the original assignment/assessment folder > choose My Files as an additional location to create a copy of the folder to.
    • When you copy your assignment/assessment folder to your My Files - the student's submissions do not go with the folder. To preserve the student's submissions you would need to archive the assignment/assessment folder.
  • Anything that is deleted during clean up, such as files, sub-folders and assignments/assessments, can be restored for up to 30 days from your trash (located at the bottom of your folder tree on the left). After 30 days items will start to fall off of the list and can not be recovered.
  • My Files - Student My Files may be purged during the summer. This is an option that the account administrator/superuser can request. Any files that are purged from the account can be restored from the trash for up to 30 days.
  • E-Portfolio - these files will always stay for students. If they have any important files that they would like to keep from year to year, we would suggest saving a copy to their E-portfolio.
  • Class/Group Folders - assume (just like for teachers) that these folders will be deleted and replaced with new class/group folders for the new school year.
  • Previously turned in work - will be accessible to students through their graded work or "Assignments" page/tile.
    • Account Administrators/Superusers have the option to hide graded work/submissions/assignments/assessments from students as a whole at any time.