How to Access eBackpack's Gradebook

Teachers can access eBackpack's Gradebook by opening a class folder and clicking on the blue Gradebook & Standards Report button located on the right side of the page under the Administrator section as seen in image below.
Once opening the Gradebook & Standards Report page you will need to click on the gradebook tab in the upper right (1). You will then be asked to select the term you would like to view. All assignments that fall between the terms start and end dates will be accessible in the gradebook view.
You have the ability to add evaluations directly to the gradebook that are not tied to an assignment/assessment in eBackpack. You can manually add grades to these evaluations (2).
Need to view all grades for one specific student? No problem! Just click the Select Student button (3) and you will be able to select a student from your class roster. There is an option to view all students located at the top of the roster pop up window. All assignment/grades can be exported by clicking the Download CSV button to the left of the Select Students button.