How To Set Up eBackpack Gradebook Terms

Superusers will need to set up the Terms in the Account Settings in order for the teachers to use eBackpack's internal gradebook.
1. Access the Gradebook page in your Account Settings > Feature Settings > Gradebook.
2. Select "+Add" in the top right to add in set terms for the teachers to choose from.
3. After adding in the terms you will need to add in the start and end dates for the term(s) you have created.
Teachers can access the Gradebook by opening a class folder and clicking on the blue Standards & Gradebook button located on the right side of the page under the Administrator section. Once opening the Standards & Gradebook page they will need to click on the gradebook tab in the upper right and select the appropriate term that they want to view. All assignments and grades will be available that have due dates that fall between the term start/end date. More information can be found here.