Google SSO Configuration - SAML SAML2

This feature is available for accounts with the LDAP option. Please contact eBackpack if you are interested in adding this capability.

This feature is currently available for web and iOS app login at this time.


If you want to use Google SSO for account-wide eBackpack authentication you may do so with the following steps. (Note that you may find additional information on Google's SAML-based Federated SSO here.) This process takes three primary steps;

1) Inform your eBackpack Account Manager that you want to set this up so that they may provide you with the required, account specific, details.

2) Configure Google SSO with the provided details and send the resulting IDP Metadata XML file to your eBackpack Account Manager.

3) eBackpack may need to coordinate a time to test with you before enabling it for your account. After we finalize the configuration an Account Manager will notify you when it is complete. 


The detailed procedure for step 2 above is as follows:

  1. Login to as Google Admin for your domain
  2. Click "Apps" from the Admin console

  3. Click "SAML Apps"

  4. Click “+” in lower right (Tooltip: Enable SSO for a SAML Application)

  5. Select “Setup my own custom app” which will open a setup wizard with the following pages.

    1. Google idP Information

      1. Click Download under “Option 2 : IDP Metadata”

        1. This will create a file named googleidpmetadata-[google account name].xml. This file should be sent to your eBackpack account manager.

      2. Next

    2. Basic Information for your Custom app

      1. Application Name: Enter "eBackpack"

      2. Description: Enter "eBackpack"

      3. Logo: Upload the eBackpack Logo provided by your eBackpack Account Manager.

      4. Next

    3. Server Provider Details

      1. ACS URL: Enter https://[account name]

      2. Entity ID: Enter the Entity ID provided by your eBackpack Account Manger which will be in the format of https://[account name][ID]/metadata

      3. Start URL: Leave this blank

      4. Check "Signed Response"

      5. NameID: Set this to left drop down to "Basic Information" and the right drop down to "Primary Email"

      6. NameID Format: Leave this set as "Unspecified"

    4. Attribute Mapping

      1. Click "Finish" (You don't need to adjust anything on this page)

  6. You will be returned to the App Settings Menu

  7. Click the three dots next to "eBackpack"

  8. Click "Turn On for Everyone"

  9. Click "Confirm"



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