Skyward Gradebook Sync Set up

Skyward Gradebook Sync Set up for Superusers
If SIS automation is set up for your eBackpack account with Skyward - you can enable gradebook sync in the account settings:
Integration Requirements:
  1. Skyward version October 2015 Addendum 10 ( Use of the latest available version is recommended for the most recent features and fixes.
  2. Access to Skyward API interface. This is a feature that you will need to work with Skyward to have enabled.
  3. Use Skyward Secondary Gradebook format. Skyward does not currently support integration with its Standards Gradebook format.
Set-Up for eBackpack Authentication to Skyward:
  1. Enter your gradebook server, Client ID, and Client Secret below. Details on configuring this within Skyward is available in the packet you received with the API License and you may contact Skyward for additional help, as needed.
  2. Check the box next Enable Gradebook Sync.
  3. You should receive a success or error message upon validation.
Once the settings on this page are validated and set to "Gradebook Type: Skyward", please let your account manager know and we can run the automation on our end to fully enable the Gradebook sync.
After fully enabled, teachers will be able to turn the grade sync on/off at class and assignment level. More information for teachers can be found here: Skyward Gradebook Sync