iOS App v3.3.4 Grade & Review Bug

*Update: Version 3.3.5 has been released to the app store that includes a fix for this issue. A warning was added to the notification section in version 3.3.4 stating that a bug in grade and review had been found. Now that 3.3.5 is available, there is an alert in the upper left corner of the app suggesting an update.
On 1/28/2016 the eBackpack iOS app version 3.3.4 will be disconnected and you will not be able to connect to eBackpack.
We have identified a serious Grade & Review bug with eBackpack iOS App v3.3.4.
This does NOT affect any flows for students.
This does NOT affect MarkIt annotations in other parts of your app.
If you Grade & Review with v3.3.4 the entered grade and comment will be saved; however the document with your review annotations will not be saved. You can successfully attach a file to a review and have it returned. You may continue to Grade & Review through the web interface or wait for the next version of the app.
We have submitted a fix to Apple and requested an expedited review due to the seriousness of this issue. We expect that v3.3.5 will be released with a fix for this issue within the next three days, however we do not have control over this timeframe.
We are actively reviewing and updating our Development and Quality processes to prevent this type of issue recurring in the future.