iOS Single App Mode

You can now lock user's device while taking assessments!
Released in eBackpack iOS App version 3.3.4
iOS Devices must be configured to allow eBackpack to request Autonomous Single App Mode (ASAM). You can find additional information on how to complete this configuration in this related Knowledge Base Article.
Once Devices are configured to allow ASAM, Single App Mode may be used in assessments using the following steps.
1) Open an assessment settings page.
2) Toggle "Lock user's device while taking assessment." to "On".
3) Toggle "Use Single App Mode for taking assessment through the iOS App" to "On".
Once this function is turned on; students will only be able to take the assessments on devices that allow ASAM (and on computers with Safe Exam Browser if this option is also turned on.)
Users will now be locked in the assessment and the eBackpack app when taking this assessment. Once the user taps "Submit" the app will be unlocked.