Class Repositories

Repositories can be set up by account superusers to allow district-wide or school-wide access to assignments, assessments and resources.
Subjects for teachers to filter from can be created by the superuser in their Account Settings > Feature Settings: 
Superusers will also need to create the class repositories in their Class & Groups page as seen below:
Any administrator of the class repository will have access to the blue class folder in their Classes & Groups: 
Within the repository class settings you can add subjects and grade levels that can be used for filtering by teachers:
If you are an admin of the repository you will be able to add in assignments, assessments and resource folders: 
Teachers will be able to copy assignments, assessments and resource folders from Repositories from the Actions drop down list: 
They will then be able to use the filters to select a specific name, grade and subject from their class options:
Once they select the repository, they will select which item(s) to copy:
After the materials are selected from the repository teachers can select the destination:
The copied items will then show up in the teacher's class folders to be shared with their students: