Grading With a Rubric

Here is a quick "how to" on implementing the rubric grading feature. Grading with iOS? Screenshots are located at the bottom of this article!
eBackpack LMS
When creating or editing an assignment you can add a rubric for grading in the assignment settings under the Standards & Rubric section of the advanced settings. Turn "User Rubric?" to on (green) and a rubric creation box will appear.
You can build your rubric using Standards that you have tagged your assignment with or by adding in your own criteria descriptions
When grading with a rubric you will have a "View Rubric" button in the review panel that will launch the ability to give a score and optional comment for each criteria description. The score you give here will calculate the grade for this review.
When students view their graded submissions they will also have access to the "View Rubric" button to view the score and comments left by their teacher.
eBackpack Classic
When creating or editing an assignment you can now add a rubric for grading in the assignment settings. Once you turn "Use Rubric?" to "On" a rubric creation box will appear.
If you have standards tagged for that specific assignment, they will appear automatically as rubric criteria as seen below.
In the rubric settings you can select the number of grade divisions you would like to use. (Example: 5 gives you options 0-4)
1. You can add in as many manually created criteria options as needed. The weight will need to total 100%.
2. Clicking the add button will give you a new row/criteria.
3. Clicking the "x" will delete out any criteria you have in your list (including standards).
4. When the Rubric is set to "show" you will have access to the grading rubric on the right side of your screen. Here you can give each criteria a score and comment.
5. Leave a comment for each criteria if needed by clicking "+Add".
6. You can still leave feedback on the document using the MarkIt feature.
7. Easily show/hide the rubric by clicking the button in the left hand info pane.
8. You can still send a review comment back to the student separate from rubric comments.
9. Students can show/hide the grading rubric when viewing graded work.
10. They will have full access to see the points they earned for each criteria and any comments left by the teacher.
You can also grade with rubrics on the iOS app!
Open the student submission and select Mark It. If you are not going to leave annotations on the document, immediately tap "save". You will now see the grade and review pop up window:
On this window tap "Rubric". You will then have access to the rubric for grading as seen below.
Score your criteria, make any grade adjustment and leave review comments if needed. Tap "Save".