Assignments Using Turnitin

Turnitin may be integrated into eBackpack through LTI. The Turnitin LTI tool provides support for OriginalityCheck, Grademark, and PeerMark.
Teachers can integrate Turnitin through the Learning Tools option upon creating assignments in eBackpack.
After the assignment folder is created, access the assignment from your folder tree. You will initially need to agree to the user agreement.
Create the Turnitin assignment directly from eBackpack.
Once the assignment is created students will be able to access the Turnitin assignment through eBackpack. Students will simply upload their file as seen below.
Once their file is uploaded they will be able to accept the submission (turn in) or cancel submission.
Students will see their submissions on the Assignment Dashboard.
As submissions start to come in for the assignment, teachers will be able to view them from their assignment inbox.
Clicking the paper title/author will launch the grading tool.
After grading through Turnitin the grades will flow back into eBackpack's submission list!
Opening the graded submission through eBackpack will have a reference that it was submitted and graded through an external tool.