Parent App Guide

eBackpack for Parents can be used on the web browser at or by downloading the app from the App Store. The parent site will allow you to view a reflection of assignment/assessment activity in your child's account including assignments as they are distributed, turned in, graded, along with many other features.
1. On the home screen you will see notifications for assignment/assessment activity for the current week.
  • Red = Late assignment/assessments that are past due (remember, some teachers do not ask the students to make a submission into eBackpack - this would show as late even if they physically turned something into the teacher).
  • Yellow = Upcoming assignments (due today or tomorrow).
  • Blue = Graded assignments/assessments that you have not yet viewed in the parent account.
2. If the student does not have any of the above notifications in their account for the current week you will see a status of "All Good".
3. If you need to add another child to your account you can click this button and you will need that child's parent code.
If you have more than one child synched to your account you will have a separate section for each child. Clicking on the child tile as seen above will open that child's account.
4. Any assignment/assessment that shows up as red on the calendar means that a submission has not been made to that assignment/assessment before the due date has passed.
5. Any assignment/assessment in blue is due soon with no submission.
6. An assignment/assessment that has been completed will show with a check and will be grayed out.
7. The class list on the right side of the screen will be represented by a color that is referencing the assignment/assessments on the calendar.
  • Yellow = assignment/assessment due soon.
  • Red = Late assignment/assessment.
  • Green = No outstanding notification for that class.
8. All Graded work that you have not seen as a parent in the app will appear here. You can toggle between the "read" and "unread" graded submissions. Clicking the icon will open the submission to allow you to view more information.
9. Clicking My Files Activity will show you the files your child has saved in their "private personal storage space" of their account. Most students save their ongoing, incomplete work here to access later.
You have access to view details on all assignment/assessments in your child's account.
10. Clicking on an assignment in the calendar will allow you to view more specific information as seen below. You will be able to see the Assignment name, Class name, Due Date/Time and if your child has Turned In a submission to this folder.
11. Clicking "View File" as seen in the screen-shot above will open the assignment folder to allow you to access the Assignment Instructions given by the teacher. Click on "View Instructions" to see all instructions provided for this assignment (as seen below).
12. The "Turned In" section will let you see any files that have been turned in to this assignment folder.
  • If your child has not made a submission you will see the message "No submissions have been made."
  • If a submission has been made you will see the file(s) listed and you will be able to click on each file to view the document your child turned in.
13. The Materials section will show the document that the teacher has provided the students.
Clicking the bell located in the top right corner will bring you to the Notifications page shown below. 
14. You will be able to toggle between All notifications, Read notifications and Unread notifications.
15. Clicking the check mark in the top right will mark all notifications as "read".
Clicking on an icon in the Graded Work section will open that submission where you can view all details for that assignment.
16. If the teacher leaves feedback on the document your child has turned in, you will be able to view this feedback.
17. Clicking the file in "Review" will show you the file that includes feedback from the teacher.
18. Clicking the file in "Turned In" will show you the file that your child originally submitted to the teacher.
Clicking on a class located in the right column will open the class page where you will see all assignments/assessment that have been distributed to your child within that class.
19. Any icon with a check mark indicates the student has turned in a submission to that assignment folder.
20. Any icon with a date, in yellow or red, will show the assignments "do soon" or "late".
Clicking the My Files button will open the "private personal storage space" section of eBackpack where your child will save ongoing, incomplete, or files they will need to access at a later date.