Assignment Archiving

Assignment Archiving 
Assignment Archiving allows teachers to keep assignments that have been completed but hide them from students' folder trees. This will place the assignment in your Archives until you are ready to use it again, and it will allow students to easily access archived assignments to use as a resource for reviewing materials.
1. From the Assignments page you can manage assignment/assessment folders by filtering by class and year as well as using the search bar to search for a specific assignment.
2. You can also view active, archived or both sets of assignments. Managing your assignments from year to year is simple!
3. You can move assignments from one class to another or copy assignments to multiple classes at one time.
4. Clicking an archived assignment/assessment will put the assignment/assessment folder back in your folder tree for quick and easy management. You can quickly access the assignment, view materials, manage settings and view submissions.
At a class level you are able to toggle assignments as "Active" or "Archived" with one simple click! Archived assignments will be removed from your folder tree as well as from the student's folder tree/class folder.
You can also archive assignment/assessment folders by selecting the folder in the folder tree and then clicking on the actions drop down list.
When deleting an assignment/assessment folder you will now have the option to select archive.
Archiving assignment folders will preserve your assignment for future use. This is an alternative to deleting an assignment permanently or having to add a copy to your My Files. Remember, deleted assignments will only be able to be restored for up to 30 days!