Website Annotations

You may have noticed that eBackpack has launched MarkIt Annotations on its Web Application. 
Like MarkIt on our other platforms, the Web Application saves annotations intact, instead of flattening them. This allows you to edit annotations with cross platform support with our iOS, Android, and Windows 8 Applications.
Annotations: We currently support the following tools, but stay tuned for us add in the remaining tools that you love from our other platforms;
Video & Audio (Playback support only at this time)
To zoom, double click on any area.  To zoom out, double click again.
To zoom, click the "+" icon located on the right side of the annotation toolbar. To zoom out, click the "-" icon.
To pan, click the pan tool "" then click and move the document while holding down the mouse button.
You can show and hide annotations with the eye in the upper right (if any annotations are on the document).
The down arrow in the upper right can be used to download the file.