Offline Access

Teachers and students can mark files and assignment folders for offline access.


Reminder - You will not be able to access your offline items if you log out of the app prior to disconnecting from the internet! You will also lose all information stored in the offline items page if you force close (swipe close) the app from running in the background.



To mark a single file for offline tap the wrench to the right of the file name. (Note: You can not mark a single file within an assignment folder for offline. You will need to mark the entire assignment for offline.)


Mark File Offline.png



To mark an assignment for offline, tap the wrench located to the right of the assignment name, or

tap the wrench located inside the assignment folder located in the upper right hand corner.





Tapping the wrench again will allow you to remove the file from offline access.



If you have updated information that is not yet available with a green push pin in the offline tile, you can re-sync the information from within the Offline Items tile.




Pay attention to the push pins before disconnecting from the internet!




Once disconnected from the internet, you will only have access to the information that you have

marked for offline access.


no wifi.png



The Offline Items tile allows for quick navigation of the items you now have available. Teachers can grade assignment submissions and students can complete and turn in assignments. Individual files can be marked and saved to your My Files section of eBackpack.





Once you have reconnected to the internet, there will be an initial sync made to upload your items. You can also check the status of your upload.


You will be able to remove offline items from within the Offline Tile when you no longer need access to them offline.