PowerSchool Gradebook Sync (PowerTeacher)


Account Superusers


If SIS automation is set up for your eBackpack account with Skyward - you can enable gradebook sync in the account settings.  Please contact your eBackpack Account Manager to complete the "backend" set-up with the Powerschool API.




To sync your assignments/grades with the PowerSchool gradebook you will first need to turn the grade book sync on at the class level. You can find this option in your class settings on your class page:


Gradebook Class Sync.png


If you have previously created assignments you will be able to manually turn on the gradebook sync for each assignment in the assignment settings:


Gradebook Assignment Sync.png


Once the assignment level sync is turned on in the assignment settings you will need to manually sync grades that have already been given. If you have not graded any submissions to this assignment folder, they will automatically sync to the gradebook upon grade and review:


Gradebook Manual Grade Sync.png


After the class level sync is turned on, all newly created assignments will be defaulted to on when setting up the assignment folder:


Gradebook New Assignment Sync.png


All grades that are reviewed and returned after the gradebook sync is turned on at the assignment level will automatically push grades to the gradebook.

Grades have to be numeric in the range that you have set as the “Available Points”. Only whole numbers and decimals are acceptable.