Website File Viewer

The website file viewer renders PDF's with the annotations intact, instead of flattening them on the server as the previous viewer did. This allows us to support adding and modifying annotations on the web, similar to how you have become use to working with them on our other platforms; iOS, Android, and Windows 8.
We are now able to provide an overall consistent experience as close as possible to the specific platform.
1) Free Text Annotations will use the fonts on the device you are viewing the document on. If the annotation specifies a font that is not on the device you are using, then it will use the devices default font; often Times New Roman or Helvetica.
2) If you use our highlighter tool to color an area, the old flattening tool blends the strokes to be a consistent opacity; however the new viewer shows you all of the overlapping strokes and resulting variations in opaqueness.
3)  The web viewer supports embedded audio or video files.
To zoom, double click on any area.  To zoom out, double click again.
To pan, click and move the document while holding down the mouse button.
You can show and hide annotations with the eye in the upper right (if any annotations are on the document).
The down arrow in the upper right can be used to download the file.