Importing grades into GradeQuick gradebook

 eBackpack offers a GradeQuick export format that imports easily in to GradeQuick.
Account Admin must configure eBackpack account for GradeQuick grade export type in Account Settings >> Account Management >> Feature Settings >> Class & Group Controls. 
Note: you must be on a Windows computer with GradeQuick Web Plugin ---- note this does not work on Mac, Chromebooks, or iOS/Android tablets with the My Gradebooks tool.  See Gradequick documentation for details.
First, export grades file from eBackpack.
In GradeQuick Web (note the full version and not My Gradebooks tool)
1.  Create a new assignment (Right click in graebook area, select Add Tests...).  Set the name, Date, and points possible,
2.  Select File, Import, Import Scores by ID...
3.   Select the File downloaded from eBackpack.  Click Open.
4.   Choose the assignment in the left hand column.  Optionally, adjust the "Add students who are not in the class?" to "No".  Do not change any of the right hand column defaults (see example below).
5.   Click OK
* Please note eBackpack will import the most recently graded item for each student in the assignment.  Students who have not turned in work will be marked as not complete (NC).
* Please note the student SIS code in eBackpack must match the ID in the GradeQuick database.  To view the ID in the GradeQuick system, select a student and then choose the View menu.  Check the box next to "ID Number".  If this option is grayed out or not available, please contact your GradeQuick administrator.
Invalid grades or scores will receive a message as follows.  
Students with a grade already entered for the assignment will prompt the teacher if they want to keep or overwrite the previous grade.