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eBackpack Product Guides

iPad Guides:

Quick Start iPad Guide (updated July 2014)

Teacher iPad Guide (updated July 2014) 

Student iPad Guide (updated July 2014) 

Web Guides:

Quick Start Web Guide (updated July 2014)

Teacher Web Guide (updated July 2014)

Student Web Guide (updated July 2014)

Public Website Guides:

Teacher Public Website Guide (updated July 2014)

Windows Guides:

QuickStartWindowsGuide.pdf (updated March 2014)

WindowsTEACHERGUIDE.pdf (updated March 2014)

eBackpackWindows_Studentguide.pdf (updated March 2014)

Android Guides:

Quick Start Android Guide (updated July 2014)

Teacher Android Guide (updated July 2014)

Student Android guide (updated July 2014)


Administrator Guide.pdf (Updated July 2014)

Self Guided Web Demo (updated August 2013)

Self Guided iPad Demo (updated August 2013)

iPad Guides

 Account Superusers may contact eBackpack for these additional guides based on there account:
  • Parent Letter
  • Data Import Guides
  • Training & Professional Development Overview
  • PC/Mac Desktop Integration Guide - eBackpack Connect (Set-Up, Usage, and sample scripts)
  • SIS Automation Guides
    • Any System - (information on CSV and TAB data formats for SIS automation).  Current set-ups include STI, Blackbaud, RenWeb, Schoolmasters, SchoolLogic, iTX, and more...
    • Aeries
    • Pearson PowerSchool
    • Infinite Campus
    • Skyward
    • TXEIS
  • LDAP Integration Documentation
    • eBackpack LDAP Overview
    • eBackpack and Active Directory 2003
    • eBackpack and Active Directory 2008
    • eBackpack and OpenDirectory / OpenLDAP
  • PowerSchool Manual Data Export Guide
  • Single Sign On Remote Login Portal Integration Guide

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